I have ridden Panaracer Pasela Tourgard for greater than five years. I have them on six of my eight bikes. I rode over 3,000 miles cross country without so much as a flat. Love the new designed tread as they corner extremely well. Recently I have had three blow outs (I was not on the bike). I would go for a ride, put the bike somewhere and when I came back the tire had blown. All exactly the same, triangular rip in the sidewall, the apex of the triangle very close to be bead and a ruptured inner tube with slit the same length as the ripe in the sidewall. I have found Panaracers to be extremely good, durable tires. Although, they are fitting so loose now, I have concern for them staying on the rims. I weight 250 and the idea of a blow out, either from the above issue or from the bead popping (had this happen twice a couple years ago, but also, after I got off the bike). I am very reluctant to give up, on the other hand I spend a great deal of effort riding safely, so unless, I find that this was a batch of bad tires and the future prospects for this happening again is near zero, I am going to have find an alternative. I have written the company, unforturnately the language barrier prevented any detailed discussiion. What they understood was I was a good customre and had a problem and so their response was to offer to replace the tires with alternative tires. I was actually trying to dig deeper, as I like the Pasela.

Any other experiences with these tires?