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    replacing brake/shifter levers

    I purchased a Marinoni bike and am experiencing problems with the Ultegra Brake lever shifters, Model 6500.
    Looking on the internet, it appears that these are not terribly durable. Since there seems to be issues with the derailleur and chainwheels when replacing these things, I'm not sure what to do. I would prefer to replace them with something more reliable. The right shifter is actually ok yet, but the left won't shift down to the smaller chainwheel unless I use 2 hands. One to hold the larger lever and one to push the smaller one.
    There are 2 chainwheels and a 9 speed cassette. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    Might be your cables. Try disconnecting the cable from the shifters and derailleurs and see show well the shifters work then. Then try and see how well the cables move inside the housings. Cable sets are pretty inexpensive.
    As far as durability, most shifters like the Ultegra level are pretty durable if not abused.
    If you don't feel comfortable doing this work, you can probably take it to a bike shop and ask them to do some routine maintenance on it and they can probably fix this up for you pretty cheaply.
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