Hello All. I need your opinions if you please! Im a newbie here but want to get back into biking. I have 2 friends with bikes they are looking to sell. I am 5' 10". One has an '05 Cannondale R500 CAAD4 , 54cm, with ONLY 50 miles on it for $500. The other has an '07 Raliegh Grand Sport , 56cm, with 1800 miles on it but freshly tuned and new tires for $400. they both fit me. Based on these reviews and the listed componets...which bike and price should i go for. And are both prices reasonable? Let me knw what you think. Here is a link for a side by side review of each. Thanks, Mark

Its from Bike- Pedia ----> Below the bikes listed years is the side - by - side comparison button. Just select 2005, cannondale & then R500 and it compares the two.