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    Another new bike for daughter

    My dauighter (2y7m) has a Specialized HotWalk (no pedals, teaches balance) and she can ride it on a slight downhill (what the bike was designed for) and lift her feet off the ground for abot 2-3 seconds at a time and maintain balance.

    The thing is, with summer nearly leaving us, I want her to gain a little bit of freedom and get her a bike with pedals. I know she's not ready to ride a pedal'd bike without stabalizers, bt if I add stabalizers, I afraid she might unlearn the balancing skills she's already picked up.

    So should I buy another bike with pedals and stabalizers for the remainder of summer, or let her continue on the "learn-to-balance" bike with no pedals? Cycling is all about enjoyment right? So I'm thinking of just getting her the bike...
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    Try the Recreation and Family forum for more insight?
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    I'm opposed to training wheels. I say keep her on the HotWalk or get her a bike with pedals but no training wheels. Training wheels will definitely defer the learning process of balancing. And I feel it's better to learn balancing first and pedaling second rather than the other order. If she's enjoying her bike now, no need to change anything.

    Good for you, Dad.

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