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    name that knee pain

    Left knee - located behind (my) right hand part of the knee cap. Noticed when driving down with the pedal stroke also when standing with weight placed on the knee, the knee at a slight bend as if walking down or up a stair. Feels a lot like something you would get running, but I am not running. Just cycling. I did go for a job the other night to test the knee and the pain behind the knee cap was most noticeable as I ran down a grade and when I step up. Pretty pissed as I got into cycling to offset running injury.

    Any ideas what it can be and how it is related to cycling?
    What can I do with bike set up to improve this?
    Any solutions so that I can continue on with riding?



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    IIRC, medial knee pain is likely due to insufficient seat height, lateral due to too much height. If you are pretty confident with your current saddle position, this is probably not the case- more likely due to slight inflammation of the medial meniscus, which takes awhile to heal.

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