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    Anyone had any experience with Hutchinson Atom 700 x 21 tubed tire??

    Just snagged one at our local PBS this afternoon on clearance price of $24.00. I've ridden real narrow tires back in the 80s like the Specialized Turbo S in 700 x 19 size so I'm wondering if it's similar or better than those ultra narrow tires from that era. I'm thinking of using it on my front wheel and keeping my Diamante Pro Vittoria on the rear. They only had one of them in the store and they couldn't track anymore doan in the PDS system, so I'm going to mix tires for the very first time. Is there anything bad about doing that.

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    Nothing wrong with mixing tires--mountain bike racers do it all the time--but it's theoretically a good idea to put the larger tire in front. If one end of the bike's going to slide, you want it to be the back. In practice, though, I doubt you'll notice the difference.
    FWIW, there's a school of thought that nobody who weighs more than about 110 pounds should use tires that skinny. I've ridden 21s (I weigh 230), and it was awful.

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