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    Components - eek!

    I've been doing my best to research a bunch of bikes before buying a new one - not that I've even decided I will definitely get a new one. I've come across some funky similarities that make me uncomfortable.

    I've been looking at bikes in my price range like the Kona Dew, Fuji Absolute, Giant Sedona, and Jamis Coda. I've been looking at reviews for their components; they use Shimano C-Series, Altus, Acera and a lucky few have Allivio for derailleurs. The Fuji uses SunSeries.

    For the Shimano C-Series, I can't find anything at all. Can someone tell me what this is?

    For the Shimano Altus, the reviews are from people with Walmart bikes! My $400 bike is going to have the parts of a Walmart bike? Agh! Why not just pay $200 less in that case?

    For the Shimano Acera, I can't find it listed on the Shimano website; that makes me suspicious. I did find it on a bike website for only $24 though.

    My mountain bike has SRAM 5.0 for most of the drivetrain, and so far it's so-so. It has a Shimano Altus on the front derailleur, and I have to say it is extremely hard to adjust - much harder than the SRAM.

    I'm just not sure what to think. If anyone has an recommendations on any of these models, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm not really understanding what these bikes have so much more of than the cheapies at Walmart, except of course being put together correctly. Any ideas or recommendations?

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    Take one of those models- say the Kona Dew. This will be sold at a variety of prices from very cheap to "How Much"? The frame is the same across the price range- all That changes is the parts to bolt onto it. So in general- the cheaper the model- the cheaper the parts are that are fitted to it.

    C series and I have no idea---Altus was second rate 20 years ago so is not fitted that often nowadays. Acera and Alivio are better but still not top rate. if you are looking for a group set that is "recognised" to be acceptable- then it will start at Deore on flat bar bikes and Sora on Road bikes. Neither of these are "Good" but they are acceptable. But these two groupsets may not be fitted as complete sets. A couple of tricks that are pulled is say an Alivio groupset fitted but a Deore rear derailler. All you see is the part you can obviously see. Or a Full Deore groupset but lower quality brakes and Crankset fitted.

    You get what you pay for I am afraid. BUT- I can assure you that Altus did work 20 years ago and will work today. Acera and Alivio are definite upgrades so nothing wrong with them.

    What I would be more concerned about would be the heavyweight handlebars and other components and the Cheap no-name wheels that are fitted to the lower cost bikes in a range. And that is something that will definitely be on a Wally Mart store bike
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    My nephew is running a set of Alivio 8-speed triggers on his bike that have been in use since 1999 -- first on my bike, then my sister's, now his. Still snaps off a clean shift. (They've been mated to Deore rear de's the whole time, tho, so....)

    My sister's present bike has Acera EZ-Fire triggers on it; trouble-free since I built it for her in 2004. And I used them on my bike after giving her the Alivio's for her previous bike. (We've been thru a couple apiece...)

    If you're not a sponsored racer, or a sponsored-racer-wanna-be poser, they'll do fine for you.

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