Hey just wanted to throw a plug in for Gear Fest that is coming up on Oct. 3, 10am to 6pm at Eastwood Metro park in Dayton

If you donít know what gear fest is it is some event that Metroparks. I have went the past 2 years, I had a great time ever year. They have all types of demos last year they had snowboarding rail jam, mountain bike Trials, and kayak tricks in a pool. I hear roamers bike polo games going to be held there this year and all types of biking competitions!

I havenít really even talk about other things they there like live outdoor bands, info booths, Gear Sales!!!, and so much more. Last year than bands overall were pretty good, I like one band a lot, there is really no many events that compares to this one. I have been looking forward to every year since the 1st one I went to on wimp and it has gotten better every year. I even got some great gear, at some really good prices.

If you canít tell I really like this event. Totally check it out on Oct. 3, youíll have great time, they have something for everyone. Canít promote this enough! CHECK IT OUTÖ


Dayton Rider