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    Bike Mounting Question ??

    Hey all,

    I've learned a lot on this forum. I have a question for you all. I recently purchased a new bike.
    The gear & brake lines for the back run along the underside of the top bar of the frame.
    So when I mount it on my bike rack or on my storage rack all the weight is being applied to the cables which are probably getting squished against the frame ? Will this pose a problem in the short or long term ?
    Can I compensate by adjusting the tension from time to time. Is the cable tough enough that this won't affect anything. I have a Scott P4 which weight about 30 lbs.


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    It won't affect your bike's mechanical operation. It will, over time, affect the paint in that area but that'll happen whether you hang the top tube on a storage rack or not.

    Don't jack with the cable tension unoess you know what you are doing. Otherwise, you'll screw up your shifting.

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