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    pointed toe while riding....

    I ride on platform pedals on my SS road bike. SO far so good. I notice that i have slight knee pain the next day after about 24 miles. I notice i get small stingers (sharp pains) while riding which feels like under my knee cap. They are very very few and far between.

    I have messed with my gearing and generally run cadence 75 - 90.

    I have been continuing to push my saddle up higher. I have a very slight bend in the knee now at the 6 o clock spot and my toe is much more pointed. than it is flat. I am not rocking in the saddle at all. Would you say i need to keep going up yet?

    IM pretty sure it is fore and aft. I have that dialed. I ran that back 2mm for a long ride and thought i was going to i felt i was on my nuts the whole way. Moving it any farther forward also felt too goofy. I am good with the fore and aft as well as the slight upward tilt i have now.

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    Sit on the edge of your bed with your feet hanging relaxed. Note a) the angle of your ankles/toe point and b) the angle of your feet in/out. You should strive to duplicate both on the bike.

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