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    Protection against Rain

    We are a group of students from Copenhagen Business School, looking for good ideas!
    We are working on a project regarding the collection of user-ideas in the field of biking in the rain.
    Since it rains a lot in Denmark and many people use their bikes on a daily basis, the feeling of riding a bicycle in the rain is very well known.

    In this situation, we do not want to put on a rain-coat/suit (maybe we didnít even bring it), it is impossible to use an umbrella and still, we definitely do not want to arrive to school, work or an important appointment soaked from top to toe. So! What to do?

    What do you as a user do to stay dry when biking in the rain?
    Please send your ideas. Thanks!

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    Don't use them but fenders on the bike and going retro- a Cycling cape that packs up small is easy to use.
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