here's a funny story:

by way of background, i have lost two polar computers in less than one year. Same scenario - coming down the trail, crashing a bit here, crossing a river there, the usual; by the time i noticed the thing isn't on the handlebar anymore it is too late.

I'm off polar, that's for sure, but i wrote to them nevertheless saying something along the lines of there may be something wrong with your bracket and you may want to have a look at it.

And here is what they answer:

"Thank you for your email and feedback. I'm sorry to hear about your lost CS200 and CS400 and especially that those have happened due to the uncertain attaching mechanism.

For your information also that Polar has just launched a new CS500 with a totally new Dual Lock Bike Mount:

Attaching mechanism will be totally different and much more secure."

correct me if i'm wrong, but the way i read this, it means:

"bugger that you lost those overpriced computers due to a dodgy attaching mechanism that we know was unreliable. seeing that you are such a sucker, however, could we interest you in another overpriced product of ours?"

Yeah sure, let me write you another check...