Thought Id share, wish I had a camera with me, caught another great sunset right over the mountains. The sky became a patchy blue and red and over the horizon you could just make out where the sun went down. It's always nice to feel in the family now, passed by a few bikers and got a few waves, of course to be considerate I waved back. Found a nice rest area in the middle of town and found a few bikers resting, I joined them myself had a nice chat. Just a nice peaceful day today, enjoyed it alot.
It was nearing 7:30pm when I was nearing my house and the clouds rolled in, nothing in the forecast about rain, but it got breezy and cool and gave me a AC right in my face it was awsome. This will probably be my last ride on the main road, found some nice urban back roads. Too many times today it was either get hit by a car or risk wiping out and going as far over to the shoulder as possible and ride in the sand. I thought they could be considerate and move over for me just a bit! A nice 40 mile trip today, exhausting but it was well worth it.

Anyone got any nice ride stories just to share?