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    Is Michael Ashenden a Troll...

    For suggesting Lance cheated due to an increase in hematocrit from 41% to 49%.

    I'm a firm believer that hematocrit can be increased naturally through foods, drinks, vitamins, minerals etc & not just doping/EPO. Armstrong has always stayed under the LEGAL 50% hematocrit limit imposed by the UCI throughout his TDF carrer, from what I understand.

    What is everybodyelses thoughts on the article???...

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    I have a really hard time believing LA's crit level was 41% even 18 months after finishing the 'year of remission'. I'm nowhere near the rider that any of these guys are, and my crit stays in the 43-45 range every year (blood tests as part of annual physical).

    At any rate, they need to give it a rest; it's too late to do anything now.

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