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Old 08-12-04, 07:32 PM   #51
hors category
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Originally Posted by duracann
Don't say that without an explanation
How about this.... On the surface, it would appear that a non-profit doesn't mean what you think it means... Rather than giving you an explanation and dealing with all kinds of pointless rebuttal, I'll refer you to the NCCS Website's FAQ's page.

Actually, let me make it even easier for you....

How do nonprofit organizations differ from for-profit organizations?

"Generally, the purposes of nonprofit organizations and for-profit organizations differ and the purpose of a nonprofit forms the basis of its formal exemption from paying federal income taxes. Additionally, unlike for-profit organizations, most nonprofit organizations are legally constrained from distributing residual earnings to individuals who exercise control over the firm, such as officers, directors, or members. Nonprofit organizations are not prohibited from earning profits or paying reasonable compensation to employees, but they must devote any surplus to the continuing operation of the organization or distribute it to noncontrolling persons."

How much compensation are we talking about?

Well, here's what the NCCS provides based on a study conducted back in 2002.

"More than 1,300 nonprofit organizations, reporting on over 51,000 employees in 125 benchmark jobs, participated in a recent study on compensation in nonprofit organizations. Abbott, Langer & Associates conducted the study, and a report of the results is available for purchase. Findings include:

- while the median income of nonprofit CEOs is $81,000, some of the highest-paid CEOs in nonprofit organizations make well over $600,000;

- median annual compensation of CEOs is highest in business-related trade associations ($122,697), health & welfare-related professional societies ($118,000), foundations ($95,050), educational organizations ($93,000), and performing arts organizations ($85,000);

- and, the median annual compensation of CEOs is lowest in chambers of commerce/associations of commerce & industry ($41,750), advocacy/consumer organizations ($56,881), aging/senior citizen organizations ($57,183), housing/shelter organizations ($63,000), and development disabilities care-providing organizations ($72,508).

In the report, compensation data are reported by region, state, and metropolitan area, and by each of certain variables in relation to type of organization (for example, number of employees in relation to operating budget). For information about purchasing the report, visit or call 708-672-4200.

By the way, there are ~1.4 million non-profits in the US.

Now, do you need a link to an on-line university program where you can learn why capitalism seems to benefit society as a whole quite nicely, to include being the primary direct and indirect source of tax revenue (payroll taxes, employee income taxes, etc...) for all the entitlement programs and social services that most folks take for granted?

Get a clue people. Take care of your own affairs and live by an ethical code that you're comfortable with and divert your energies to something positive instead of gripping about how other people lead their lives. If buyers weren't willing to pay $25 for something that they can buy for $1 then no one would be able to sell them for $25. How simple is that and who's the real target of your agnst? The guy selling what a buyer wants or the buyer who seems to have $25 to piss away on something that they could buy for $1 and add a $24 donation to?

Give it a rest and write another check to the LAF. You'll feel better about yourself which is really all this thread is about anyway... demonstrating why someone else is a (fill in the blank) because they don't subscribe to your model of fair play.

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Originally Posted by g3ck0
aren't you all forgetting something, most pharmaceutical companies are out for a profit too. Why don't you all go and ask them to sell them simply at cost so that more patients could obtain them? No, sorry to point it out to you guys, but that's not how the world works. Do you know how many needy patients do not get the treatment they need jsut becasue they can't afford the drugs they need so badly? I don't see those companies doing anything to accomodate them.

It's frustrating I know, but that's just how things go.
Actually, the major pharmaceutical companies have programs that provide income-eligible individuals with psychiatric drugs at a reduced cost. Many people still go without needed meds because they either are over the income limit or their particular drug is not covered by the program, so the help is still insufficient. I have no doubt that the programs exist to make the drug companies look good PR-wise and not for any real altruistic reason.

According to what I've read here, selling the bracelets for ridiculous prices on Ebay is thought to be ok by some because 1.) it's human nature to be greedy 2.) we live in a capitalist society 3.) It's just the way things are. In my mind, none of this serves as justification for people personally profiting from sale of the bracelets.
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Old 08-12-04, 10:26 PM   #53
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Not for profit doesn't mean you don't make a lot of money. I work for a non-profit hospital and it seems to me like they aren't nearly as greedy as the other for profit companies that I have worked for.
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Old 08-13-04, 06:07 AM   #54
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Not that I agree with selling them on ebay for lots of money but one must understand that after I sent my $1 to LAF (or $5, or $10, or whatever) that the band is then MINE. I own it, free and clear, and what I choose to do with it is totally my business. Of course I choose to wear it, but if I did want to sell it, it is my personal property.

Shall we say you cant resell Ford cars? I mean the "original intent" was to make the Ford family money so anything you make off selling your F150 should go to them. Wait, then there would be no dealerships because there would be no profit in selling them. Wait, no one would build them because 100% of the money would go to the Fords (as intended) so the assembly workers could not be paid. Wait a sec, no assembly workers means there would be no Ford trucks at all, nevermind :-)

And before you say there is a difference between the charitable LAF and the non-charitable Ford I suggest you look at how much money the Ford family foundations contribute to charities, it's staggering! Check out started by Edsel B Ford (former president, Ford Motor Co.), they gave away $557 million to charities last year alone.

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Old 08-13-04, 06:49 AM   #55
Perineal Pressurized
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I don't know which is sadder, somebody hawking (and somebody actually buying) the "Greatest Cycling Towel"

or somebody whos apparently selling "futures" in cases of LiveStrong wristbands

My only hope is an arse-hat such as this gets stuck with the goods. I can only imagine him sitting in his living room surronded by cases of wristbands.
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Old 08-13-04, 10:38 AM   #56
cab horn
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Unlikely dobber, we can only wish ill to those people.

Haha, who left the second question?

If this is a new feature of ebay, i like it.
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Old 08-17-04, 09:14 PM   #57
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It's hard to believe, quite possibly illegal, and certainly unethical, that these idiots are getting away with selling a "non-profit" item for "profit". Moreover, people who would purchase the livestrong wristband anywhere other than the LAF foundation surprise me as well. Be patient my friends. I've ordered 20, both sets of ten were back-ordered however I received the orders in less than 4 weeks.
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Old 08-18-04, 01:37 PM   #58
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Originally Posted by sja02
It's hard to believe, quite possibly illegal, and certainly unethical, that these idiots are getting away with selling a "non-profit" item for "profit". Moreover, people who would purchase the livestrong wristband anywhere other than the LAF foundation surprise me as well. Be patient my friends. I've ordered 20, both sets of ten were back-ordered however I received the orders in less than 4 weeks.
it's not illegal.
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