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    rollers and skateboard wheels

    Ive noticed on some UT videos...some guys have mounted skate board wheels like goal posts on the sides of each roller as sort of a safety bumper to hit before they go off the side of the roller.

    I happen to have a extra set of skate wheels and want to try this. Im looking for bracket ideas. Somthing as simple as a washer witha piece of threaded rod welded to it where the whell can sit on should do the trick.

    Wondering if anyone has set up rollers with these and what they used to attach the wheels.

    I find myself still wondering off the rollers and it would be nice to have a bumper / warning system like this so i dont have to come off and topple over my couch or whatever happens to be in the way

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    An easier option may be to wrap the ends of the front drum with duct tape. You can tell when you are over it and correct yourself.

    Actually I haven't tried it, but I've heard it works and it's less fuss then trying to build something.

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