Wasn't sure which forum to post this in, perhap commuting would have been more appropriate as I only do a little road riding (on a Dahon folding bike), nothing more demanding/physical than that. Anyhow, I've realised over the last year or so that SDG saddles (bel-air/formula fx) suit me very well, the combination of a flexy shell and the scooped, ramped up rear make for a very stable platform for the sit-bones that isn't overly harsh (I've tried other saddles commonly considered to be very comfortable such as the Selle Italia Prolink, but the shape doesn't suit me at all). I was using an I-Beam setup but I've just switched to a Thudbuster, thus I need a new railed saddle & I was just wondering if there were other brands I ought to consider that have similar characteristics to SDG? I've just been looking at the WTB website and they seem to employ the same sort of design philosophy though I don't know how much 'give'/flex their saddles tend to have and I'm confused by the number of products in their range. But their prices are good and their saddles generally appear a little lighter than SDGs so that might be a good option (it'd be nice to offset some of the weight gain of the Thudbuster). Some of the Specialized saddles also appear to be in a similar mould. Any suggestions / recommendations?