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Thread: bicycle boat
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    bicycle boat

    has anyone taken bicycle parts and made a boat paddle out of them? like the wheel of a bicycle with flaps mounnted to the back of a boat with pedals.

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    For a long time now.

    In general, the well designed human powered boats are well past 12 knots top speed.

    Bob Stuart (of Car-Cycle X-4 fame) makes the SpinFin... one of the best conversion kits out there. The Hobie company now has their Mirage drive system which has very good low-speed torque. In the historical section, Allan Abbott (Vector tricycle) designed and rode the first pedal hydrofoil, the Flying Fish and Mark Drela (MIT) has the world record 18.5 knots with the air-prop Decavitator.

    For fun search for Kinetic Sculpture Race.

    Those who claim to be making history are usually just repeating it.

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