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    frame sizing...what should i be riding?

    Well after much research...ive found that i have a 29 - 30 inch inseam (no shoes). I stand about 5'6.5 inches

    that said...ive been riding a 54cm peugeot. It never felt big although from what i have read this is way to big for someone like me.

    I also ride a 56cm bianchi road bike. This is a bit big but i have shored that up by using a really short stem. The reach is still a bit long but i can ride it not problem and enjoy it.

    From what ive found i should be on a 50cm - 53cm....and most posts and sites have stated 50cm.

    My point is...much much smaller than i have now.


    Heck...i havent ever ridden a frame that small. Im having problems finding them used that small. Most used stuff is anywhere from 54cm all the way up to 62cm.

    I dont think im some sort fo freak. Im about average as far as height goes.

    I want to spend some time on a 50 - 52cm to see how it feels though. My guess is it will feel cramped and too small but maybe not.

    It has me questioning it though. I do agree that 56 is way to big. 54 feels pretty good.

    If i could find a 52cm or less of my bianchi (80s Limited or TROFEO ) i would love to see how it rides.

    any idea what i could expect to pay for a limited or trofeo of that era? I do believe that is what i ride now and i love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scale View Post
    I dont think im some sort fo freak. Im about average as far as height goes.
    No, you're not. You're somewhat shorter than the average man...about 3 inches or so. That's enough to make a 4 cm or so difference in bike size.

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