Im looking to replace my limited. I really only need the frame and fork considering my limited could be stripped down. I have respectable componets on it for its age

Campy Veloce cranks
STI levers
Shimaino 105 group and brakes.
Campy Omega wheels with shimano hubs.

Im looking to replace it with something smaller.

Ive found these in the last week

'98 Bianchi Trofeo with low to midrange campy stuff = 400+shipping
'94 Bianchi Eros with full Shimano RX100 setup, Mavic Ceramic rims = 400

Both of these would be a better size match for me.

Are these prices insane? They seem high to me. Im itching to buy. IM hoping i stumble upon a frame and fork that is my size so i can just move all my components to that and then unload my current frameset.

No matter what i end up with in the will probably end up getting blasted and sent to the powdercoater for a fresh look.

Thoughts? Price seem crazy?