Hi to the Posters here. I am a recent new member and enjoy the Forum immensely. For starters, I live in North Miami, Florida. Some of my interests in bikes are of the Folding type and Cargo types. I recently came actoss a Bike in the Philadelphia Area Craigslist. I emailed the Seller(believe its a she) for Info but she was pretty reluctant to tell me anything. The Bike is selling in the $350 Price Range so not a fortune but for a Vietnam Era Veteran like myself on SS, I wouldn't like to loose even $350. I think she(seller) thought since I was from out of Area, maybe I was trying to pull some trick on her which I am not. I can understand this as I also sell various items on CL and get some prettyy whacky replies from purported "Interested buyers" from Nigeria, ect. As I live here in South Florida, no way I can check this Bike out personally to see if it is really what it is advertised to be. As I said before, the seller is of no help whatsoever and she stated as much in an email "I will not help you Period" . She suggested I come to Philly to make the deal, not likely or feasible considering I live 1500+ miles away. Is there any Bike Forum member here from the Philadelphia that would be willing to help me out on this possible deal? I would appreciate it greatly. Please PM if you think you could help me out and I will give you the CL Item ID Number. Thanks Mike a Veteran.