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    Buying my first decent bike...

    My most recent bike was an Iron Horse Maverick mountain bike that was just too small for me (19" frame with 24" wheels). I sold it and moved to NYC. So now I need a new bike. I am most interested in a hybrid bike something with the design of a road bike, but with flat handlebars. I don't need anything high end Im just using the bike to ride in the park drives 2-5 times a week for about 2-3 hours a day for exercise. I would also go the mountain bike route again, if I had too. I am too intimated my road bikes because of the riding angles and my low height. Real bikes (not the ones in Target, Walmart,etc) are way more expensive than I originally thought. I am thinking It best to get a good used bike off eBay (local pickup because I don't trust myself to build something like this) or craigslist. Problem is I do not know the value/quality of bikes and I have a lower budget. Sub $250 (preferably under $200). I also have a lot of trouble figuring out what size the bikes are...Can someone help me search for a good bike?

    or a local shop thats reasonable if you know any good. and eBay...

    I am 5' 4"
    30" Leg Inseem
    140 pounds ( guy )
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    i would suggest just go to your local friendly bike shop and tell them your budget. if they are reputable, they will steer you in the right direction. my lbs is more than eager to help out with any bike issues that i have.
    i told them i only had 300 dollars for a bike and they set me up with a nice redline hybrid that retailed for over 400.
    plus you really have to start a relationship with the local bike shop if you are going to do more than occasional riding, as you will be frequenting it for repairs and buying stuff.

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