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    I need a cycling shoe

    I have 3 bicycles, two with toe straps, I've never used clipless shoes, and have no plans on going that route, I would like to stay with Toe Clips.

    I'm currently using Converse AllStars shoes to ride in, BECAUSE, they fit in the toe clips, my size 12 feet, take up a lot of room, these are good shoes for cycling, as long as it's real local and of short duration.

    I find that if I'm doing any longer miles, on the bike, they become too soft on the soles, not enough support, so it seems what I need is a harder soled shoe with a low profile top, and a smoother sole that will still slide inside my toeclips.

    Any Ideas??
    Phil P.
    1988 Cannondale SR500
    2011 Trek Mendota
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    I found some Adidas Thermo System shoes work great with TC's

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