seems I got my average speed up. I guess I stopped less? someday I'll ride non-stop and get a real average speed out of my computer

29.8 miles (shall I say 30?)
26.7 max
14.8 avrg
2 hrs 1 min saddle time

it was still quite bright out at 7:00 last night and I took a spin up to Burlington along 62 through Concord and Bedford. I had all the strobes going and one driver was nice enough to inform me that my front strobe: "WAS ANNOYING!" hahaha - oh well, so I pointed it down a little. one red p/u truck revved his engine and buzzed me. there was absolutely no one around in either direction and was totally intentional - so I shouted: "HEY!" and was hoping to catch up to him. another person came real close I think cuz she was texting.

at my turnaround point (a gas station where I ate my banana and bought some Snapple Iced Tea) the non native American who spoke very little English asked about my lights and told me that he bike commutes. I should have written down the lights I had and the web sites he could get them. I wonder if he even wears a helmet. he was very nice and I wish I could had a more productive conversation with him but I just couldn't understand what he was saying.

I used he magic shine on fast strobe which does a nice job showing me the road and I believe has a very long run time - not sure exactly how long though.

Still planning an overnight century on the Vineyard. if I wait until the days are long enough and start late enough my battery should last till daybreak. if I really plan this right I can sleep on the beach the next day! ha!

party on Garth!