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    New Crankbrothers eggbeaters range for 2010

    It seems that CB has come up with an updated range for 2010, with a new pedal naming system, and a thicker spindle among other upgrades for the eggbeaters.

    Might be looking to get one.

    Anyone tried them yet?


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    I'm kind of curious to see how they turn out. I just bought a pair of Time ATAC pedals to replace my Crank Brother's Acid's and man - they sure seem so much better in so many ways. Both my feet have float now whereas even with the height adding shims one of my feet was never quite free with the Acid's. The middle of the spindle doesn't seem to be filling up with grease like it did with the Acid's. My knees don't hurt after riding anymore, which may or may not be related - I got a bike fitting which probably did it, but my fitter also said the Crank Brother's pedals might be the cause for road riding (which is why I switched) as they let the cleat move left and right (not just the back of the shoe, but the cleat itself). And the clip in/out is...different. It take more force to clip out, but it's also nice that you can really feel whether you're clipped in or out, unlike the Crank Brothers where I just put extra force into it and assume I clipped out (not that it really caused me any actual issues).

    I am curious to see what other improvements might have happened with the latest crank brothers stuff though...

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