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    Royal Mark Cycles?


    Please excuse me if this is posted in the wrong subforum. I'm a college student planning to commute to school in Boston (Jamaica Plain to Roxbury/Boston). I'm just looking for a reliable, light, bicycle to get me to and from school.

    I found this bicycle on craigslist nearby me (Southern NH). Never heard of the brand. Google couldn't find anything. Did a search on this forum. No luck. Anyone ever heard of Royal Mark Cycles "speciale" model?

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    This is just a guess, but it may be basically an "unbranded" asian bike. I used to own a "Le Prix" made in Korea. All in all it was a decent bike, and felt lighter than my japanese 10 speed. But the "Le Prix" brand? Never found a trace of it.

    It a 70's vintage bike, guessing from the cottered cranks and suicide levers. It may be a good bike for what you need it for. I wouldn't pay much though. $25-45 maybe. My "Le Prix" cost me $25.00, my favorite dealer had taken it in trade for something else.

    I'd post in Classics and Vintage.
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