This is my first post to Bike Forums but I have been reading threads for about a year and learned a lot from the guys who post questions on the mechanical advice section.

I decided to join to share a story that just happened to me about an hour ago. I just got my bike back from the LBS who had to tighten my cog and lockring on my fixie, I was having slippage.

I was so excited to try out my bike that I took it for a 10 mile round trip to the post office in the POURING rain. Emphasis on pouring, I mean hurricane status. On the way back home I popped my tire and had to walk the remaining 5 miles on foot carrying my bike. I was honked at, yelled at, and splashed by puddles repeatedly. Finally a guy with a bike rack picked me up about 300 yards from my house and drove me the remainder. He told me about how he is a rider too and that I learned a valuable lessen to always carry a spare. I shook his hand and all he said was, "pay it forward".

I wanted to share this story to anyone who was ever cursed at, honked at, or jeered for having to carry a bike a long distance back home.