So, I was watching Food Network with my girlfriend this weekend (our favorite TV channel Triple D is my favorite show...) and out of the blue there is a bicycle advertisement! Schwinn was advertising their bikes, which are not really the quality they used to be but still decent buys, and seemingly promoting a healthier lifestyle.

First, big thumbs up to Schwinn! I was surprised and excited to see a bicycle commercial on even a cable channel. The Food Network is a pretty popular channel, and that commercial will get to millions of viewers!

But it saddens me that there are not more bike companies with TV commercials Especially with the current economy and gas prices, bikes should be looked at for around town errands. I personally walk to get groceries, but only because I sweat like a pig when I bike.

But, it was a great thing to see, I would love for network TV to have a Schwinn commercial, but they probably charge far too much for a 30 second spot...

Anyone else see the commercial?