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    Good Bikes anyone?

    Sorry to ask a question I would imagine all of ya'll get a lot, but I'm gonna any way.

    I'm looking into geting a good moutain bike (around the $350) range, and I was wondering what ya'll had to suggest.

    I looked at a Trek 4300 today, and I loved it. I'm just worried that since I know absolutly nothing about bikes that I'm going to get something that I either don't need, or is not good.

    I want to use the bike to ride to school here in Lubbock Texas, and also to do some minor off roading on the weekends. Any information ya'll can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    PS Where are good places to look for bikes for sell on the web?

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    Welcome to BikeForums.

    I can't give a good answer about the Trek 4300. I not as knowledgeable about mountain bikes as most other members. I ride road bikes.

    You say you don't know a whole lot about bikes, so go to a few bike shops and talk with the manager/owner. Tell him/her about the kind of riding you'll be doing, your budget, and ask for an explanation of anything you don't understand.
    Shop around for a bike shop where you feel comfortable talking with the peolpe and buy from them.

    Most important: Get a bike that FITS. If the fit isn't right you will not enjoy riding no matter how much you pay or what features the bike has.

    Let us know what bike you get and good riding.
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    For $350, you might get a decent or a usable bike, but not a "good" bike.
    Those cost more $$.
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