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    I am off to Ireland Friday

    For two weeks and want to get on a bike. One of our destinations is the Aran islands. Can anyone share some advice and or stories of renting bikes and or riding bikes in Ireland?

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    I worked and lived in Ennis, County Clair, Ireland for a year. You can rent bikes in Ireland, just do a web search for rental bikes in Ireland and you will find all you need. Also there are many books about biking in Ireland.

    Living there I had a Gary Fisher MTB that I used around town and a LeMond Poprad if I was going any distance. Pick the bike you want for the type of riding your planning to do. So just like America if your touring take a touring bike.

    You can take a bike over on the boat with you when you visit the islands.

    Roads all over Ireland are narrow and you need to be careful. Follow the books tour ideas and you’ll be fine. Take Rain Gear!!! After the 87th day I stopped counting the number of days in a row that it rained.

    Only the major cities have good bike shops. Finding a water bottle was tough if your not in a big city. (There are only about 5 big cities in Ireland.)


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