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Old 07-03-10, 01:12 PM   #26
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yikes glad your fine an along with your friends..
Speedy Recovery
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Old 07-03-10, 03:23 PM   #27
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Oh my! You got so lucky! Wow, this could have been so much worse!!! Sorry about your injuries and bikes But you're alive! I hope your back gets better.

Thumbs up for the witness. There are some good people out there after all. If I was the witness I wouldn't know whether to follow the fleeing car and stop and stay with the cyclists. I hope I will never have to make that choice.

Safe riding everyone.

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Old 07-03-10, 04:41 PM   #28
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Originally Posted by BullGatorTitan View Post
I just wanted to give an update to this story. Since the accident my lower back just got worse. On June 22nd I went to an urgent care to get my foot in the door at the local orthopedic office. After the x-rays, he saw a vertebral compression fracture in the lumbar region of my back. Not exactly sure which one, but I saw it too. It took insurance over a week to approve my MRI, which I had done yesterday, and now I have to wait another two weeks to see the doctor.

The other two guys are doing pretty good, both have returned to work full time, and looking forward to riding again soon. I am not sure when I will be able to ride again, as leaning forward is very painful.
Sorry to hear about your back injury.

A word of caution to take this situation very seriously as you could have permanent issues like nerve damage and arthritis in the lumbar region. I have a similar injury from a skiing accident that resulted in a vertebral compression fracture to L1 and L2. You will need medical care and physical therapy to heal properly and prevent future problems with your lower back.
Good luck and make sure that the perp pays in full for your future care.
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Old 07-11-10, 03:51 PM   #29
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Finally got in to see the doctor on the 9th, after reading the MRI, they up'd my appt by a week. Turns out I have three compression fractures, L1-3. Still having pain issues from that, and still having headaches from the concussion. I am in a back brace now for at least 10 weeks, and the fractures could take up to 4 months to heal. The back brace matches the boot I am wearing for my ankle. Hopefully will be out of the boot tomorrow, but not counting on the doc to let me out of that one for probably another 2 weeks. After reading many articles the last few weeks of bikers getting hit and being killed, I definitely consider myself and my co-workers extremely lucky, as someone was watching over us that day.

I hope to be back on the bike by the end of this year, but I will have to start physical therapy on my back after I get out of the brace, and it might be a while after that before I am able to really lean forward to get in the position I rode previoius. The worst part is, I just started cycling last year, late July, and I was really starting to get into good riding shape, and able to hang with some friends that have been riding for years. I still plan to get back on the bike, but definitely won't be as soon as I had hoped.
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Old 08-03-10, 04:24 PM   #30
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Three cheers for helmets. A month and a week ago tomorrow I was broadsided by an SUV, flew through the air and landed on my head and handlebars of my bike (I remember the head part, my bike mechanic said the way the handlebars are beat up and the rest of the bike not so much I must have landed right on the handlebars after my short, unscheduled flight). Have a broken leg, messed up knee, partially dislocated ankle, mega hematomas, broken ribs and at least one separated shoulder and the other is strained. Still I was very lucky. Without the helmet I probably wouldn't be writing this. Oh and the woman who hit me (cited for careless driving resulting in physical injury and failure to yield) of course wasn't paying attention even though I did everything I could think of correctly. Even watched her stop and tried to make eye contact (I HATE DARK TINTED WINDOWS WHERE YOU CAN'T SEE THE DRIVER) before she took the left turn right into me.

Wear your helmets, tell your friends, families and everyone you know to wear their helmets. My other injuries will all eventually heal. Without a helmet, well I don't even want to think about what would have happened.
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Old 08-03-10, 04:33 PM   #31
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Ouch, hope your back heals up quick, glad your friends are doing well.
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Old 08-03-10, 08:17 PM   #32
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oh that just really's too bad you didn't know about the compression fracture but sometimes that happens...and your bike was ruined too. I'm sure you'll be back on a bike before too long....look at it this way, you live in Florida so you can ride all year. If it happened here, your season would be over until spring! lots of bad accidents seem to be happening these days. A local elite cyclist was hit by a bus, and some tourists were hit by a car, one killed.
I think it's just that there are more cyclists on the road than ever but drivers are still clueless.

What has happened with the drunk driver? did he go to trial?
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Old 08-04-10, 04:45 AM   #33
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I propose a law in which anyone convicted of drunk driving has their car confiscated and sold. The money raised will go for education. The convicted drive will have his license revoked for 5 years, during which time he MUST ride a bicycle as his means of transportation....or walk.
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Old 08-04-10, 06:13 AM   #34
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Originally Posted by ron521 View Post
I propose a law in which anyone convicted of drunk driving has their car confiscated and sold. The money raised will go for education. The convicted drive will have his license revoked for 5 years, during which time he MUST ride a bicycle as his means of transportation....or walk.
I occasionally work on computers in our district court, so I get to see/hear some of these criminals go through the system. They get their licenses revoked, and they drive anyway. Not having a license means they save money on insurance and they can afford to drink more. They get their cars impounded and they borrow someone else's car. They get their friends' cars impounded and they just find another idiot to lend them a car. Minor jail time (<30 days) doesn't seem to deter them either - they celebrate getting out by having a few drinks. I don't know what the answer is, short of hanging the b****rds - preferably before they kill one of us.
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Old 08-14-10, 06:00 PM   #35
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Today marks 2 months since the accident. I am still having quite a bit of pain in my lower back, but the fractures have had minimal collapse since the MRI. I start physical therapy on Monday for my back, definitely not looking forward to it, but in a way I am. The headaches are still happening as well, but much less frequently, and much less severe. I am also still suffering from short term memory loss. The post concussion syndrome symptoms could last up to a year from what my doctor has said, and what I have read online. As for the ankle, I have one more day of physical therapy, but there is still some mild swelling and pain, but that is going away as well. Thanks for the well wishes, and hope to see you on the road before too much longer.
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Old 08-15-10, 02:47 PM   #36
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WOW!!! i am glad that you all made it out alive...I hate freaking drunks!!!!! hang in there..
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