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    Hydration Packs: Situating hose/valve so it faces my mouth (using it hands-free)

    I purchased a wingnut bag (that can hold a bladder/water pack) and a Platypus Big Zip 3.0 bladder last summer and have now gotten around to using it (long rides/warmer weather).

    Only problem is, using it in a manner I'd prefer and how it is meant to be used (sans hands), is proving to be more of a challenge than I imagined.

    I presume the Platypus Big Zip 3.0 is able to be used in this manner.

    It seems the bite valve always ends up facing away, to the left or right (have one attachment to show how it is facing to the left and another showing where the hose comes out of the backpack for reference as I'm not sure how other packs are set up).

    I can get it somewhat facing me, but not quite, to use it hands-free with ease--it may be too close or too far away--seems like getting it just right is trial and error but if there are any tricks or setups.... The valve also has a seal, which means rotating the valve seems to be a no-no. Another important part is the valve slit must be vertical when facing me (which makes sense, right?)--so as when biting down, it opens it up, letting water to be sucked out.

    Any general suggestions those of you who use a bladder/water pack, or specifics for those who have the same bladder/hose/valve? Should I try attaching the hose somewhere else other than my backpack?

    Pictures would be helpful, too--your own or reference from elsewhere online.

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