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    I ride mellow 30 mile rides in jeans all the time. But, bike shorts too cold under 65???? I'm generally not going to wear (long) jeans unless it's under 55.

    I have some work pants I'll ride until it's 65 or so. They're kinda like the Dickies of yore, before they got super baggy. They're way better than Levi's 501s for riding.

    Some people are really scared of jeans, but after riding to work and back in them everyday (30-40 mins total) for several years, your skin toughens up a bit, and even 50 mellow-paced miles in jeans is no problemo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HiYoSilver View Post
    Well thanks for the comments. Since so many were focused on the idea that jeans were horrible. The jeans I wear are only stretch jeans or "dress jeans", which also stretch. Stretch jeans are about 5% poly and dress jeans are almost all poly. Binding, seams and catching in gears and saddle soreness are not problems.

    Besides not seeing much gain, the biggest problem with shorts/bibs is that others are judging them as being too revealing. Mnt bike shorts don't work as I don't want to wear shorts at work and don't want to carry another set of clothes. It would be nice if there were some designed with a little baggy in the crotch area and rest of fit is fine.
    If you're a guy, I'm very very very interested in knowing where you're getting stretch jeans for guys! I've looked everywhere I feel like, and can only find them in "womens" sizes.

    A lot of us keep spare clothes at work so we can change so we don't have to carry them back and forth, though admittedly it's a little annoying to do so.

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