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Old 06-27-10, 08:12 AM   #51
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Originally Posted by no1mad View Post
Next time you check out the Trek bikes (online or at the LBS), take a look at the specs. Half of the parts will say Bontrager. Stuff like the handlebar, stem, saddle, tires...

Bontrager is either a Trek "private label" or simply a supplier that has a very close relationship with Trek.
its a trek owned private label.

overall i am not a trek fan (see previous post) but bontrager is not horrible stuff. some of it is actually quite nice and manufactured by very reputable companies. trek is not the only one that does it:

giant/ext (name may have changed, i cant recall)
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Old 06-27-10, 08:16 AM   #52
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Sounds like Trike.
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Old 06-27-10, 08:20 AM   #53
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Originally Posted by cyclezealot View Post
Sounds like Trike.
Nah, more like Track
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Old 06-27-10, 07:40 PM   #54
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I like my trek, It is a lowly 7000 hybrid but it suits my purposes fine for my budget, My wife has the WSD model and she likes hers too. We went on a ride today with my family and relesed that the 6 of us on the ride were all riding treks 2 x trek 7000s, 2 x 7200s, 1 x 7300 and an older 820, Since it was my wife, my daughter, and my parrents on the ride I guess that would be everyone and their grandpa riding one, but everyone was happy with their ride. As far as snobery I tend to greet everyone on the trail with a smile and greeting when I meet them regardless of their ride weather it be a high end several thousand dollar road bike or an $85 NEXT brand.
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Old 06-28-10, 12:00 AM   #55
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Originally Posted by Bikewer View Post
We use Trek "police service" bikes exclusively at the department; we've got about 25 of 'em. They are good, solid bikes and mostly trouble free. Components are good enough to easily maintain when something does need adjustment/replacement.
In addition to maintaining this fleet, I've rebuilt and sold half-a-dozen other Treks over the last 10 years or so...All decent bikes with good resale value.

Sure, they're kind of everywhere... But decent machinery all the same.
None of the "machinery" parts of Treks (or any bike for that matter) are made by Trek. The machinery parts are made, most likely, by Shimano or SRAM for your police serivice bikes.

Now for my reason. I remember when Treks first came out and I hated, and still do, the style of the company - from the use of "Trek", such a groovy name!, to the current marketing, to the fact that my local Trek dealer sells nothing but Trek and Bontrager $hit. NO options at all.

but I do understand they're perfectly fine bicycles. Just not for me.
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Old 07-10-10, 08:55 AM   #56
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Trek is sort of what Schwinn was 35 years ago. They are among the few brands that offer all things to all people. And they are a good, solid, if slightly boring brand with good resale value due to universal brand recognition and longevity. And like Schwinn, I tend to prefer models out of the past than the present.

The other reason some may not like Trek are the dealers. In my area, Trek dealers tend to only stock Trek owned brands, which makes those stores kind of faceless and boring. There are other bike shops that will stock more colorful or interesting brands, along with more ordinary bikes.

I don't dislike Trek. I bought my wife a 2007 Trek Women's hybrid. It wouldn't have been my choice, due to the level of components, but it wasn't very expensive and she really liked the step through design of the bike. And, the Trek dealer is just a couple of miles from our house.

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Old 07-10-10, 07:57 PM   #57
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I have never bought a Bike from an LBS, but I have had work done and have bought parts and tools at each LBS in my area, both Trek dealers and both with really good people. As far as my bikes, three of the seven are Treks and my daughters bike that I got to send to her mom's home is a mint '96 Trek 720 that I got off CL for $50. With my Treks I never specifically set out to buy one, but was looking for a frameset to build a specific bike. It's that each time after doing research and test rides they fit the bill best for quality and price. So I have an '04 520 as my dedicated tourer, an awesome ride. A '90 750 built to tool around town, run errands, shopping, and some commuting. Too cool, a steel lugged American made hybrid. And a '92 1200 as my back up roadie. I could not be happier with any of these bikes.
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Old 07-11-10, 05:37 AM   #58
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Originally Posted by Loose Chain View Post
What is a Bontrager?
Keith Bontrager was a mountain bike builder/innovator (he was the first to adapt narrower road rims for mountain bike use by re-rolling a 700c rim) whose operation was bought up by Trek. I don't own a Trek but do have some Bontrager parts on a some of my bikes - though I suppose by definition they are a "house" brand, they make some decent stuff.
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Old 07-11-10, 07:42 AM   #59
Retro Grouch 
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I'm going to say "None of the above". I think that you are trying to make logical sense out of a purely subjective topic.

Today Trek is the big dog. Lots of people like rooting for underdogs. My favorite sports team is whoever is playing the Yankees, Lakers or Cowboys.
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Originally Posted by genec View Post
You hit the nail on the head with the branding comment... with "branding" you are paying for the name and not the quality... this is of course is the whole concept of branding... creating a "something" that will carry more weight with the consumer simply due to the name.
But who would do such a thing?

(Yes, I'm sure the Campy really is a bit better than a Bell, but >$200 worth?)
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Old 07-11-10, 06:41 PM   #61
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I don't hate trek but I also don't own one. I grew up lusting for Italian steel bikes. for some strange reason I never lusted after Trek. The other is that they are too common. why buy a ford when I can own a Ferrari.
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Old 07-15-10, 10:19 PM   #62
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Don't we all just ride Sram, Shimano or Campy fitted to different frames?
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Old 07-16-10, 05:16 AM   #63
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I just bought a Trek EX8. I was looking at other bike/frame brands. Santa Cruz,Gary Fisher,Niner,Kona et cetc. For the life of me I could not find anywhere to test ride one of the off brands. One of the LBS said they would have a santa cruz nickel in a couple months........

I had three Trek bike shops in a 50 miles radius that had my size bike available for a test ride. So I got a Trek.
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Old 07-16-10, 10:13 AM   #64
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Funny as a newcomer to the hobby every con listed was a pro in my book. I spent a number of weeks researching and talking to other cyclists before I easily decided on a Trek. Now, perhaps years from now I may choose a lesser known brand.

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