I found a bike in the trash the other day, just sitting on the kerb next to garbage cans. It was missing a front wheel but otherwise complete, so I picked it up and dragged it home.

After some digging, I found that it was a 1988 Jamis Explorer ATB. It has biopace triple chainrings, a six-speed cassette, rigid frame with suspension seat, 4130 chromoly frame/fork, alloy rims, carrying handle, and a light and cyclocomputer (which must have been aftermarket).

Anyone have one of these, or something like it? I included some pictures of the frame (tore it down yesterday). What kind of bikes are these, are they good, etc.

Also, since I don't have a folder yet, is there any possible way to fit a bike like this (26") on a plane or train luggage-sized case, box or bag? I mean serious disassembly, like taking off the fork, wheels, etc. Just curious if anyone had been able to get away with a non-folder in such a situation.