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Old 09-10-04, 07:50 PM   #1
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My 9th ever ride, and my first ever crash!

Today I went on a 30K group ride, and it started out really well. I was at or near the front of the group the whole time, thinking about what an easy easy ride this was, fantasising about being in a TDF peleton etc. We don't seem to have a lot of hills in Toronto, but when I do get to them I kind of enjoy them! (This from a person who HATES thigh shredding hills, which you get a lot of in MD, where I also ride!) I guess these hard rides are improving my abilities dramatically.

Anyway, we get to the path section and go charging along. I was immediately behind the leader, a short and lithe super keener, in a Credit Agricole jersey. Suddenly out of nowhere comes a small group of teenaged males, the kind who wear those GHASTLY baggy, droopy pants. They are weaving all over the path (and our group was riding side by side too, which didn't help) and this kid just rams himself into the leader. It all happened very fast. The leader came crashing down, right into my front wheel. I breaked (broke?) and swerved, but was tossed from my bike into the nearby shrubbery. I was very lucky about that actually.

The kids who rammed into us also crashed dramatically. Fortunately, the people behind me were able to stop in time. I had a slightly skinned knee, and mud on me, but no injuries. My bike however, didn't fare as well, with the wheel twisted in the opposite direction as the handlebars. (My new Trek hybrid!!!!) But we managed to more or less twist it back into position. It's still slightly crooked but I'll work on it.

The kid's bike got totally wrecked, and the chain came right off.

Kid 1: Woah. Yo man, why did you do that to them? Why did you crash yo?

Kid 2: Oh man. Sorry I crashed into you guys. Woooah. Sorry about that. It's OK (referring to our fixed bikes)! Oh.. Sorry......


They were genuinely sorry, but it's no joke when these kids are wrecking your expensive equipment!!!

Anyway, we dusted ourselves off, and carried on. The good thing was I got a lot of attention from the males on the ride wanting to make sure I was OK!
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Old 09-10-04, 10:36 PM   #2
cab horn
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It was an accident. No need to turn it into an anti-youth rant. They apologized rather than saying something like this

1) Yo man what'd you do that for
2) Insert various profanities rap style.
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Old 09-10-04, 11:20 PM   #3
You need a new bike
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Riding in close formation while 'charging along' a bike path is not a wise practice. Too many kids in GHASTLY baggy shorts hang out there. A ride leader wearing a Credit Agricole jersey should know this and warn the group to string out more.
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Old 09-11-04, 05:22 AM   #4
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Wow, those responses surprised me. A youth rant?? What an odd assumption. You have totally misread me, and that is not what I intended to convey at all. Please know that I have nothing against youth at all. Those pants however are another story! Sorry, but I can't stand them (the ones that are practically falling off their asses) I think they are incredibly goofy looking, and don't get why they wear them. And no I'm not *that* old, I'm 33!

As for the language, I am literally quoting what was said verbatim, I can't help that. I thought it would add colour to the story and though it sounded funny in a bicycle crash scenario.

One of the women I was riding with mentioned that the leader should have had us in single file. However, the kid was zigzagging all over the pathway, and didn't alter his course at all when the crash was impending. Like I said, they apologized and it was an accident, I just thought it would make a funny story of a newbie's first crash. *shrug*

I guess maybe since I am still new to this board you guys don't know me well enough to know what I'm actually like, so I should have clarified this stuff in advance.

Anyway, maybe this will teach me a lesson about riding in front.....although in the TDF they stayed at the front to AVOID the crashes!

P.S. "Ghastly" is an expression that my mom has ingrained into me, I find it a funny and effective word.

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Old 09-11-04, 06:23 AM   #5
james Haury
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As far as pants go i have seen worse where they wear a couple of layers and one is a pair of boxer shorts uggh! I share your lack of comprehension perhaps the whole point is to gross out grownups and chafe themselves ,( because Gold bond powder is so soothing YO Word! )and perhaps most importantly anger their parents.
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Old 09-11-04, 08:00 AM   #6
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they make baggy mtb shorts that indeed have padding just like lycra based shorts. only thing is they are not as aerodynamic and people usually wear them for all the pockets, but filling your pockets would seem uncomfortable bother to me.
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