Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me the main differences between the Motobecane Cafe Latte 2009 (http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/...cafe_latte.htm) and the Cafe latte 2010? (http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/...fe_latte_x.htm). The newer model is $100 less than the older model which I find odd. I ended up getting the 2009, but is it worth the $100 difference on bikedirect?

I brand new to this forum and don't know a whole lot about bikes. I knew however that I needed to upgrade from the $99 dollar, medium frame (i'm 6' 2") schwinn voyager I found on craigslist. I did my research and heard all the arguments for/against LBS, online retailers and motobecane. After going to my LBS and standing for about 20 mins looking lost and got no help because they were too busy I bought the cafe latte 2009.

Also with my old bike I could leave that thing anywhere, even overnight. Is this a bike i have to worry about people stealing parts off of. Nothing would upset me more than running in for groceries and coming out to find my front wheel or seat missing.