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    Specialized Hardrock - $15

    Yeah, you read the title correctly - $15. I got lucky yesterday at the local thrift store, where I found a cute, basic little Hardrock. It was unpriced, and I hadda wait on some guy to come from the back.
    He looked it over, and said "How about $15?"
    "I can do that," I reponded. Well, I smiled, too.

    It is an all original, 26" MTB. Even the tires and seat are branded, Specialized items. The one sore spot is the stock shift set, bottom end Shimano stuff with indexing shifters.
    Not great, but serviceable. Iím guessing someone used it to ride around town a little, before putting it away.

    There is little significant wear on any of it, so Iím certain itís rarely been off the road. A few nicks and scratches mar the finish and a little pitting appear on the otherwise nice handlebars. The brakes have most of the pad still intact and the wheels run true, without wobbles or run out. Like I said basic, stock and clean.

    Once I get it cleaned up, it ought to fetch decent money on Craigslist. Unless my wife takes a shine to it, that is. I told her it was too small for me by about 8Ē, so she looked it over, gave it the nod and said she might like it.

    So, weíll see. For $15, I donít see how I can go wrong. Ill post some pics later when I get home from work.
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    That's amazing. Congrats.

    This makes me want to go to thrift stores now. Not because I necessarily need another bike, I just miss the days growing up when you could go to a flea market or yard sale and come away with a cool bike for 15 or 20 dollars. I haven't bought a bike ACCESSORY for that amount in years.

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