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    Dura-ace v Campagnolo

    Dura-ace v Campagnolo

    Buying new Canyon bike, which group-set is best dura-ace 7900 or Campagnolo record

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    record. (coming from a self proclaimed campag junkie)

    -i like the shifter configuration better (ie dedicated shift lever+thumb button)
    -i like the "feedback" the shifter gives
    -i like the ability to shift multiple cogs when changing front rings
    -shift levers are rebuildable. i have a set of 8spd (1995) record levers i just rebuilt and they still look and shift like new
    -i prefer the modulation their brakes have (dual pivot up front, single in rear)
    -fit and finish seems higher
    -fantastic hubs/freehubs (traditional and prebuilt)

    the only real complaint i have about campagnolo is the lack of "cheap" cassettes for training wheels or second wheelsets. up until recently only chorus and record cassettes were available in 11-23 and 11-21 (200+ dollars) i think you can now get centaur cassettes in a 11-23.


    if you use a 12-23 or 12-25 cassette this is a non issue.

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    I think it depends. There are pluses and minuses for each. Campy can be rebuilt, but Shimano can't. Campy has 11 speed, Shimano only 10. Shimano has electronic shifting, Campy doesn't. Ergo is a personal thing, but I personally like Campy hoods better. Campy has that weird thumb shifter. Shimano has the paddle. Personally, I like the paddle shifter, but I don't dislike the Shimano version either.

    I like either one really. I had a bike with Record group and it was great. My current "race" bike has all Dura-Ace. That works fine also. I will say I dislike SRAM stuff, so I would recommend that. Either Shimano or Campy I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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