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    Forks Not Bent!!!!

    I posted this thread after the LBS told me my forks were bent after I crashed.

    Picture of bike with so-called bent forks.

    About a week ago, the LBS told me that the forks were bent on my Raleigh GS. I had crashed a few days earlier. I took the bike there after the crash to get the bars retaped, and tires put on, adjust everything. After they told me the forks were bent, put all the work on hold, and figured out my options. They said the could get me a new fork, plain $70, Carbon about $120.

    They also gave me the number to a bike shop that fixes frames and forks. A week later I took it to the LBS that fixes frames and forks. They put the bike on the work stand, and from eyeballing it, they said the forks weren't bent!! About 3 mechanics look at it, and they all agreed that the forks are not bent. Then a 4th mechanic removed the front wheel and put a two piece rod in where the front axle goes. After all this examinations, about 20 minutes worth, they still came back and said the forks are not bent. Wow!! I am super happy. However, why would my favorite LBS tell the forks were bent? Hasty examination? Anyway, I am happy as a XXXXXX in an XXXXXX!!

    I took the bike back to my favorite LBS, and told them the news. The owner wanted to know who make the call that forks were bent. I look at it this way, we all make mistakes. This was an honest mistake. I feel confident that the frame LBS states the forks are not bent, and that's it..

    Right now my favorite LBS is finishing the work they started. Retape bars, put on tires/tubes, adjust everything.

    Please no more crashing for me!!

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    I seem to recall someone making a post about overweight riders causing the seatposts to bend. He was expecting total failure any day. I should have taken the time to link to a Thomson seatpost. About half the ones they make are factory bent.

    Glad to hear some good news.
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