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    Butterfly kick board/bike ultra compact.

    I have no idea where to post this.

    It is Foldable but not a bike at all. It is Kick Board more than a kickbike but it is human powered and has wheels and steering a bit like an ultra compact kickbike with no seat or pedals.

    Dangerous small too. The guy fall in the video due to too high speed
    and no apparent brakes on the thing.

    Video here

    How it folds

    I would maybe buy one if it had 8" wheels but folded small enough be carried in a rug sac

    Do I really dare to post this one in the Foldablebike section to tease them?

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    The second guy on the silver colored kick-thingy actually has a superior model since his has a brake. Before I got back into bicycling I almost bought the silver one 'cause I had to walk 4 blocks and under city hall from my bus stop to work.
    I'm kinda glad that didn't happen, nowadays I'd just bicycle from the house to work.
    Two is one and one is none.

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