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    Novice needs help deciding which hybrid bike to choose!

    Hi Guys

    I am a beginner pretty much and am torn between two bicycles, the Dawes Mayfair and the Claud Butler Kensington.

    The main differences are:
    Dawes: Dawes Heritage Steel frame, and can what I can work out has no gears

    Claude Butler: 6061 T4 T6 aluminium frame, Sturmey Archer 5 Speed

    The Claud Butler is about 60 more and the Dawes Mayfair is sooooooo much nicer to look at, however the speficication of the Claud Buter is loads better. Will the frame and gears really make that much difference?

    I can't decide and I know pretty much nothing about bikes so I thought I would leave it to the experts- any advice you could give me would be great?!

    Thanks, Alax

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    You going to the shop? that's F.W.Evans in London .. like the steel Framed bike better?
    you can ask them to replace the rear wheel with an internal gear hub one . they are parts that are replaceable.

    Point of sale is the best time to do that, as the shop knows they are new parts,
    because they just took them out of the shipping box, themselves.

    If you're in the North and not wanting to travel to the City , ask over the phone..

    they are also different wheel sizes, the steel frame is built around a smaller wheel diameter.

    I assume you are short , the frame sizes are small in both bikes listed. both offer 17" ,
    alloy one a shorter 15", the steel 2nd size is larger a 19".. good to maybe 5'6" ?

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