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    Salsa ala carte and Surly 1x1 size M and L pics please?

    Hello steel mountain bikers

    I 'm about to buy a salsa ala carte size L (guess that would be 20") frame.
    But maybe I'll go for a surly 1x1.

    However, I've never seen one up close and it's going to be an online order (Whichever I buy it will be the first one in my country probably). So, I want to know beforehand how different these frames look when comparing the medium to large size, since small changes in angles and frame shape sometimes hit and miss in the aesthetics department for me.

    Now I'm in kind of a hurry so I can't scrutinize the internet about this. With a superficial search I couldn't make out this info.

    So, if any of you has a side picture of these frames in Medium or Large, I'd like to see them.
    Besides, you know you wanna show off your steed


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    It's a 18" M.
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    I just wanted to link my Strava.

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