Hi Everyone-

I was just wondering if any of you who subscribe to Bicycling Magazine have experienced missing issues recently. I know that I might get a lot of heat for subscribing to it (compared to Velo News for the "true believers") but as of late I haven't gotten an issue since mid-July.

I am paid up past the end of the year, so unless my mailman suddenly has developed an interest in the magazine, something somewhere along the distribution network seems to be breaking down.

I have let them know of the missing issue problem, but the kind folks at customer support seem to believe that adding a "free" month onto my subscription length solves the problem of not getting their magazine into my mailbox. I have pointed out that having an additional month tacked on to a magazine that I haven't received in 60 + days is hardly a solution...

I was just wondering if those of you how do have a subscription have noticed any change in your delivery times, or if you were also missing issues.

Thanks in advance,