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    Purchasing a new bike?

    Not sure where I might stick this, as I'm not a biggie on names and styles of bikes...

    Right now I'm using my friend's bike to get old one got stolen (it lived a good life though) - however, I severely miss it.

    What I'm looking for is a nice bike (not needed for rough terrain, basicailly just around town and nice long rides now and then.) The one thing I need are the second set of curved handlebars (do they have a specific name?). Walmart doesn't sell any, and I'm not sure of any places that might - what I'm afraid of though, is that if I shop somewhere else I'm going to be paying more than I'd like. I love to ride, but I don't love to spend money when I can suffice with something cheaper.

    Anyways...anyone know of any good shops or something that could solve my problem?

    Normal sitting style bike, several gears to shift into, and those curved handlebars...

    I also like NEXT...they seem like a nice brand.


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    Well, I have a suggestion for ya, for a cheap bike from walmart, in fact it's even made by next.
    The 'avalon', my mom has one. It's a 'comfort' type bike, 7 speeds, big spring seat, soft handlegrips, etc. It has curved handlebars, and it's pretty comfortable to ride.
    It does have a front and rear suspension, but don't expect phenomenal performance from either shock.

    I think they run about $100 or so, should be within budget.
    BTW, my mom's put over 500 miles on hers, had it since February. They were mostly road miles, but rough roads for some of it. Only had to lube it a few times when it started creaking, and everything works fine on it.

    Or, another option would be a used bike with nice quality parts, you could probably get
    one for about that much, but expect to pay about $200 for a decent one (I think).

    I think my bike shop's adult-sized bikes start at $250, and that one is a pretty low-end trek.

    If you can swing $350 or so, I'd recommend the Specialized Hardrock sport, that's what I have, and still lovin' it after almost 2 months of pretty hard riding.

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