At age 62, retired, and sick of golf I went back to cycling after about 45 years out of the saddle. After being first put on a road bike which was two sizes too large complete with clipless pedals my wounds have healed, and the roadie has been replaced by a 2005 Trek 7300FX. I still have the Shimano pedals and shoes in waiting! I am satisfied with the bike, but I have decided to sell all my golf equipment. The question: Before I blow the proceeds on other stuff, is there any reason to consider trading the 7300 for a 7500? It would most likely cost me about $350 difference, OR are there some upgrades I might consider? I already have a good frame pump, computer, saddlebag, hydration pack, etc.

I realize this sounds a bit silly, but before I settle into going after my first century, I may as well get what I need before the money disappears.* Assuming the trade up is way too dumb, what are the upgrades you veterans would recommend? Thinking about putting the clipless monsters on real soon.

* Yeah I need a Madone SSL, but the money would be gone just buying pedals.