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    I'm looking for a winter/offroad bike

    Your help is greatly appreciated!

    I'm trying to find something with a little larger footprint for the snow and possibly double as an offroad/mountain bike for possible summer trail riding. I've kept a vigilant eye on the craigslist for my town and a prospect has presented itself. In the form of a $60 Trek 820, I'm not sure what year, the only problem it says it has is a broken shifter. I was wondering if it was worth it to get this and try and fix up the shifter?

    pic 1
    pic 2

    [edit1 - for more detail]
    I have a Fuji Del Ray and a Trek 1.5, the fuji equipped for a regular commute to work and the trek light and nice for long race type rides around town. The snow building up doesn't handle well for my fuji and I'm not even going to bring my 1.5 out until most the sand is gone come spring. I was hoping that this 820 would handle a little better.

    I've arranged to meet with the person selling to inspect and see what the actual damage is, but I'd like to go into this knowing exactly what to look for and whether or not it's worth it.

    Does the 820 allow for wider tires? Versions with more studs?

    Is this the right place to pose these questions? Sorry, I'm not very familiar.
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    Ive riddden rental Trek 820. It is a nice , classic MTB with plenty of tyre clearance for studded tyres and full rack/fender eyelets. Not quite as classy as the 920 but a nice find.
    I rode my rental one up and down some very technical trails and it performed well.
    On old bike such as these you should expect to replace some of the parts due to wear. Budget for some new transmission bits. Shifters can be had fairly cheaply.

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    Two views on Snow riding---Wide tyres to glide over the top or a narrow tyre to bite through to the fiirm ground underneath to get grip.

    I am of the Narrow tyre persuasion.

    Mainly because I have some road to ride before I get to the offroad and wide tyres on ice do not work. Narrow ones are not much more effective but I don't get wheelspin and slides quite so often. And they do get better grip on up to 6" of snow.

    Trek 820 is a good solid bike= providing you have low enough gearing for the hills. Originally it had 48/38/28 crankrings and they were too high for our hills.

    For $60 you can afford new shifters but check out the wheels at the same time. Bet they have nor been retrued or tensioned from new.
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