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    Southern New Mexico, Southern AZ cyclists - Critique my route, please

    I'm planning a tour from El Paso to Santa Barbara, CA this spring. I am planning a route off the ACA's Southern Tier to bypass some climbs around Silver City, as well as the mountainous area east of Phoenix, mostly because I'm going to be riding with a newbie cyclist and I want to ease her into this touring thing. I have a route mapped out, but some of it is on unpaved roads and I can't tell how rough they are.

    If anyone is familiar with the area west of Las Cruces roughly along the I-10 corridor, down through Tucson and over to Casa Grande, then over to Yuma roughly along the I-8 corridor, please take a look at my route map and tell me what you know about these roads. If they are too rough to maintain a speed of about 15mph on a loaded bike, I'd rather not ride them.
    I already know water is going to be scarce - just need info on the road surface.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    Edit: The area I'm most concerned with is between Deming, NM, and Benson, AZ. From what I can see in Google Earth these look like very questionable dirt roads, but can't get enough resolution to see how rough they'd be.
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