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    Multisensor watch?

    Do you any of you own a multisensor watch, like some version of the Casio Pathfinder, or a Suunto, or the like? These would be digital watches that also function as barometers, thermometers, altimeters, digital compasses, or depth gauges.

    I looked around a bit and ordered the new Timex Helix Works, recently.

    I liked it better than the Casio Pathfinder because it's not as obtrusive, and so it seems like it can be worn with ordinary clothes outside of a Star Trek convention. Well, worn without attracting too much attention. More importantly, the thermometer on the Timex measures down to -5F, whereas the Pathfinder, and indeed all of the Casio watches, goes only to 14F.

    These aren't huge differences, though, and the Pathfinder is a good watch. Suunto watches, and the variety of nautical or aeronautical watches available, are all good, too, but they're more than I was willing to spend on something like this ( ~$100).

    What I'd really like is a watch that has the multisensor features, along with the sunrise/sunset and moon cycle information in the "hunting" or "fishing" watches. I found something like this combination only in expensive nautical or pilot's watches.

    I'm just curious what you all think of your watches, how they've stood up to usage, whether they function as advertised. That sort of thing.

    I found that it's hard to find reviews of these watches, and especially hard to find any commentary about them and cycling in particular.

    So, anyone got one?

    Anyone in particular have the Casio solar powered model? Does that thing work well?

    Here's the link to casio, in case anyone is interested in looking at the Pathfinder (it's too difficult to post the link to the Pathfinder directly):

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    Isn't this what we have the polar cycling models for...? s720i etc.

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