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Thread: Aerolite pedals
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    Aerolite pedals

    I was going to post this on the over-50 forums because I felt sure a cyclist would have to be close to my age (52) to even remember them. (There can't have been many of us who actually bought these things, I thought to myself.)

    Then I thought Classic and Vintage would be the place, perhaps under a "Weird orphan bike bits" thread.

    But, to my astonishment, Aerolite pedals are still made.

    I can still remember the feeling of blind panic I had as my feet started sliding off them sideways in the middle of a points race on the track. Not to mention the sensation of stomping on an steel re-bar at the end of longer road rides.
    And here I was going to donate them to a Museum of Poorly Thought Out Bike Parts, if I could find one.
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